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Section 5 Yellow

Step 1: This portion is for your contact info, be sure to fill in all the fields.

Section 6 Purple

Step 1: enter you phone numbers and e-mail address's in these portion of the form. you must have an e-mail address in both the
E-MAIL and OFF NETWORK E-MAIL Sections of the form, usually the same address.

Section 7 Gray

Step 1: Use this section if you want to stipulate other contacts for other portions of your domain administration.
E.G. technical contact / Administrative contact. Note: the administrative contact dose not affect ownership of the domain, this allows the hosting company or designer to make minor adjustments to the domain such as what DNS your domain is listed on. To find out more about the administrative contact and their control go to

Section 8 Flesh

Step 1 Choose payment method, "check" We will send you an invoice in the mail.

Step 2 Click next, this is a review of your order if you have any errors click back on the browser.

If no mistakes are reported, Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click PLACE ORDER